Call Management Suite

Call management is the process of designing and implementing inbound telephone call parameters, which govern the routing of these calls through a network. The process is most prominently utilized by corporations and the call centre industry and has its highest effectiveness when call logging software tools are used.

Call Completion Suite

Innovative Deck to Bring Back the Missed Revenue due to Call Drops.

For network operators, one of the areas which need substantial improvement in monetary terms is that of incomplete calls. The Goldilockss Call Completion Suite provides a total solution that:

  • Enables operators to offer subscribers multiple options to complete missed or incomplete calls, thereby generating additional revenue that would otherwise be lost.
  • Increase subscriber satisfaction rating
  • Enhances customer experience with an easy-to-use solution.
  • Revenue generation 60% of notified customers make subsequent communications.

Call Completion solutions are built on a cost-effective, scalable and flexible platform to help drive revenues through attractive ARPU-generating subscriber services and reduce costs

The offering includes Missed Call Alert, Voice Mail, and Dynamic Voice Mail Services.


Many services can be defined using IVR including self-care services, informational, entertainment and voice based applications to the subscriber’s base. IVR has an inbuilt service creation tool (SCE) required to facilitate the creation and publication of voice portals.

The highly efficient call control mechanism will route the calls based on the user response. The user response will be collected based on DTMF inputs or voice inputs. As per the predefined conditions (business rules), the platform will deliver the best applicable services.

Voice Portal solution is quick and easy to deploy, enabling operators to expand their value-added service propositions in a short time frame.

The key features includes:

  • This application stores pre-recorded messages that supplies information as required
  • It automates many business processes and provides useful information over telephone
  • Inbound and outbound voice application with speech and touch tone (DTMF)
  • Reliable and saleable voice solutions with real-time status reports
  • Automated Speech Recognition (ASR) and Text-to-Speech (TTS)
  • Automatically call back customers who do not want to wait
  • Quick and easy to modify operating hours and holidays

Beep Call

When a prepaid caller with no balance is trying to issue a call the network dully rejects the attempt and the B-party remains unaware of the missed call. Here comes Beep Call Service which will push a poke call to B-party (micro call that will appear as missed call). In almost 40% of the cases the B-party will return the call thus a sizeable portion of the rejected by the networks calls will be recovered.

Issuing poke calls to B-parties regardless of their location, status and network profile

B-parties can always receive poke calls no matter if they are on- or off-net subscribers, pre- or postpaid, in roaming or not, etc. A-parties will be unable to use the service if they are off-net or are explicitly deemed non-eligible to use the service.

    Highlighted features:
  • Conventional and LTE network implementation
  • Network-initiated poke call (micro call) to B-Party
  • Available for voice and video calls
  • On-net prepaid A-party only
  • Available to on-net and off-net B-parties
  • A-party Self-activation/subscription and deactivation via USSD, Text, Web, IVR, App
  • Flexible activation/subscription charging (one-time or recurrent)
  • Capping control over abusive daily usage (A-party, B-party, both parties)

Messaging Solutions

USSD Suite

USSD Platform Offers a wide range of Off-the-shelf, USSD-based services allowing the end customer to easily manage self-care interactions through USSD menu along with session management as part of the USSD gateway functionality.

  • Dynamic Menu management
  • Push / Pull based notification generation through USSD gateway
  • Session Management - Session Cache & Resumption
  • SMS Direct-USSD based request and response through SMS Support for Relay interface
  • Open API to connect to third party
  • Self-care and Provisioning module with work flow manager managing various USSD based services such as call back, Post call notification, Tele voting and so on.

Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD) helps subscribers to access various types of services provided by network operators, especially menu-based information services. Goldilocks USSD Suite is an end-to-end solution that sets new standards for user experience, interactivity, usability and mobile content consumption.

Goldilocks USSD Platform Suites includes USSD Gateway, USSD Browser and Service Creation Tool (SCE).

Deployment of Goldilocks USSD Platform Suite can help network providers to:

  • Reduce operational overhead due to the ultra simple and flexible API-based application development module.
  • Integrate near real-time billing for services.
  • Offer an extremely appealing solution with highly practical features to third party service providers.


A2P SMSC is a short message service Center as per 3GPP standards. Its purpose is to send bulk SMS from applications (ESME) to Mobile Users. Its focus is on the Application to Person market and many features have been uniquely developed for that market.

  • The whole system is categorized into different priority levels. Higher priority level messages get sent first, providing the ability to transport interactive content in front of bulk.
  • Flow control down to the per-destination point code level.
  • Automated down throttling to slower speeds for traffic towards destinations with speed limitations.
  • Slow start approach for point codes that go out of service and come back, so to avoid a possible dump of the whole waiting queue causing overloading.
  • Automated mechanisms that prevent overflow traffic in the SS7 network.
  • SMPP submissions can be throttled down to a permitted speed defined per user and/or per user group.
  • HTTP/Billing Interfaces

Goldilocks Application-to-person Short Message Service Center (A2P SMSC) enables operators to maximize the true and full potential of A2P messaging.

Campaign Manager

Campaign Manager (CM) is an application which helps operator to execute and manage their campaign effectively through mobile. Campaign Manager is an integrated information system that allow operator to perform targeted marketing on the end customer. This allows operator to create, execute, and manage campaign via different user mediums.

Key features are as follows:

  • Supports in closing the analysis of the promotional campaign executed and the results received from it, hence provides the Effectively Index (EI) of the campaign.
  • Third party advertisement support ( via inbuilt or external ad engine )
  • Filtering and throttling
  • Context based campaigns e.g. balance , location, type of service
  • Regulatory Solution

    SMS/ Call Filter

    Unwanted calls and texts are a serious problem. Goldilocks SMS/Call Filter solution is as per the regulatory guidelines and filters the SMS/call originating from the telemarketer network to operator network before reaching the end user. The solution is deployed in operator network and support INAP/CAMEL/ISUP/SMPP/MAP/CIMD/HTTP interfaces

    Goldilocks SMS Firewall is an integrated anti-spam and security tool which helps protect network performance and messaging revenue streams. It provides both network visibility and signaling traffic insight, whilst preventing security breaches and unauthorized delivery.

    SMS Anti-spam product is developed for detection spam and other unwanted SMS messages, coming through different external interfaces into network of mobile operator.

    Consent GW

    Goldilocks Consent Gateway would be connected to all operator VAS platforms / Network Elements and woul be responsible for taking, storing and forwarding a consumers second confirmation during a VAS activation process.

    This solution is for activations done via any of the channels namely

    • Voice,
    • SMS,
    • USSD,
    • Web,
    • WAP


    To overcome the issues of counterfeit and illegal devices and it negative repercussions, a system is proposed called Central Equipment Identity Register (CEIR). The system will use IMEI of device along with other parameters and help in identifying, monitoring and regulating such devices. CEIR will have capability to help identify counterfeit and illegally imported mobile devices that avoid collection of tax revenues, contribute towards security issues, and negatively impact both end users and MNOs.

    • Real Time Check IMEI Message
    • Detection of new subscribers
    • Web based interfaces for stakeholders like customs, legal, police, end user
    • Interfacing with other Operator EIR
    • Interface with GSMA DB
    • Reporting
    • Device List Management
    • Roamer/Visitor Management
    • Campaign Management


    Analytics is an encompassing and multidimensional field that uses mathematics, statistics, predictive modeling and machine-learning techniques to find meaningful patterns and knowledge in recorded data.

    Goldilocks Analytics offering include the following

    • Network Probes to capture real time data over multiple network interfaces (Gi,Gx, Gy, Gb, Gn, Gr, Gz) – mostly diameter or TCP/UDP based protocol
    • Hadoop (HDFS/Spark) based data management Framework
    • Rule Engine to build application like IP logger, broadband analytics, CEM
    • Visualization, Reporting, Dashboard and Notification Tool.

    Other Solutions

    Universal Access Portal

    Universal Service Portal enables operators to monetize their mobile network and billing assets by providing a full commercial solution for Network as a Service with a uniform & single window for all service activation & deactivation.

    Key features are as follows:

    • VAS Service Discovery:
    • Mobile phones are constant companion today and one is almost certain that the user will read the message. Universal Service Portal enables operators to monetize their mobile network and billing assets by providing a full commercial solution for Network as a Service with a uniform & single window for all service activation & deactivation.
    • Uniform & single window for all services activation & deactivation Dynamic Menu Work Flow ( via IVR, SMS , USSD and handset app ) Enhanced User Experience Dedicated Service Management User Portal
    • Open Interface for New Services
    • Cross promotion based on user profile/ history, etc.

    Universal Service Management Portal

    Universal Service Management Portal empowers the customer to explore ,chose or subscribe to VAS services with ease and simplicity in real time. It provides single window of service activation and de-activation and cross selling , referral at the time of attention.

    The key feature includes:

    • Multiple Access Channel
    • Dynamic Menu Work Flow
    • Enhance User Experience
    • Easy and Open Interface for New Vendor Integration

    Mediation System

    Mediation System is flexible tool for collecting and processing CDR/UDR for billing, reporting, auditing purposes. This also includes provisioning of services into HLR Use case of such system could be mediation for interconnect settlement, reporting, revenue assurance, business intelligence etc
    3GPP Complaint offline mediation solution

    Key features are as follows:

    • Collection CDRs over ftp/GTP’ interface
    • Preprocessing and Filtering out of non billing-relevant CDRs (optional)
    • Validation, Collating and Correlation of different input sources CDRs
    • Aggregation of partial CDRs related to the same call
    • Persistent Storage of CDRs
    • Format change
    • CDR Routing and Filtering – separate file as per logic
    • CDR File Management
    • Transfer to downstream node as per defined logic

    Ad Mediation System

    Ad Mediation System is flexible tool for connecting the advertiser network with the publisher networks

    Key features are as follows:

    • Web Based Configuration
    • Pass Rate Management
    • Subscription Management
    • Reporting
    • High Throughput
    • Load Sharing to multiple publisher
    • URL based integration mechanism

    Content Based Services

    RBT (Ring Back Tone)

    Among the varied portfolio of mobile music offerings, ring back tones have achieved killer application status with mobile subscribers in many markets worldwide.

    With ring back tones, subscribers replace the ring tone that callers normally hear with a personal choice of music or audio content - bringing a more enjoyable calling experience to their callers.

    RBT service is more than an application; it is an end-to-end solution. By providing service management with every deployment of RBT, RBT enables operators to achieve a rapid return on investment as well as benefit from its Multimodal Ring Back Tone services across rapidly growing markets globally.

    Key features are as follows:

    • Default / Caller Based/Group/Time Based RBT
    • Content Management/ Category Management
    • Gift/star to copy
    • Multi Language Support
    • Ad RBT
    • Black List Management
    • Multiple Interface – IVR / SMS / USSD / Web

    WAP Portal

    The portal provides personalized access menu for mobile subscribers, offering service acceptance, personalized custom and customer service functions for subscribers via WEB\WAP mode. The subscribers can conveniently use various value-added services provided by the system, such as the picture browsing and ring tone downloading.

    Key features are as follows:

    • Customized WAP Portal
    • Event / Subscription Charging
    • Category Management
    • Content Management Portal for Content Providers
    • Reporting / Dashboards
    • Personalization
    • Menu Based Browsing
    • Integration with Ad Partners
    • Trial and Buy Option

    SMS Plus Solution

    SMS PLUS platform offers extensive SMS based applications. The system supports SMPP v3.4 to communicate with the various SMPP gateways, so that the notifying alerts may be sent to the subscribers entering the Operator network.
    SMS Plus system complies to all 3GPP standard specifications for the protocols/ interfaces mentioned.
    SMS Plus system support communication with the external system like SMSC, MMSC, NMS, IN, WAP Gateway

    Key features are as follows:

    • SMS Filtering
    • SMS Forwarding
    • CAP / MAP / SMPP based
    • Reporting
    • Blacklist/Whitelist Management
    • Time Based Management

    Security Services

    IMS GAA Architecture

    VoLTE phase use GBA Authentication and non GBA Authentication to authenticate VoLTE clients (GBA aware devices) and provide secure access to MTAS for supplementary services usage (Ut interface)

    Key features are as follows:

    • IMS GAA Node Implementation (BSF, NAF, Aggregation Proxy, Authentication Proxy)
    • Protocol Support (Zh, Zh’, Sh, Zx, Ua, Ub, Ut)
    • Bootstrapping Procedure
    • Bootstrapping usage procedure
    • Interface with Ue/HLR/SLF/DNS
    • IVirtualized Deployment
    • OAM – SNMP based
    • High TPS, low latency system